Security log management and e-documentation


SecureVisio stores logs in a purpose-built database equipped with search, analysis, and report generation tools. Together with the log database, it provides interactive, electronic IT security documentation that gives an overview of the organization’s IT security in both technical and business terms. Graphical incident management and impact analysis tools facilitate assessment of the consequences of security breaches and support decision making processes.

SecureVisio provides tools that go beyond traditional Log Management solutions, including:

  • Electronic documentation, with dedicated tools for defining logical IT security architecture and creating detailed physical network diagrams
  • Asset Discovery mechanisms, with automatic detection, identification, and documentation of IT systems
  • Graphical tools for searching and editing IT security, network, and systems elements, as well as the reports wizard
  • Simplified compliance with legal requirements and security standards (including PCI-DSS and ISO-27001)
  • Cost-effective security development, assisted an expert knowledge base with automatic risk assessment and threat modeling functions

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