SecureVisio Vulnerability Management


SecureVisio Vulnerability Management offers an interactive panel displaying the vulnerabilities collected via various tools (i.e., commercial and open-source scanners), supplemented with the data required for effective handling (e.g. estimated business risk, Threat Intelligence). These vulnerabilities can be enriched with other useful information, such as contact information for administrators and managers.

Main features:

  • unified vulnerability management
  • independence and flexibility in vulnerability management – organizations can use selected commercial scanners as well as open-source tools.
  • one console for SIEM/UEBA and SOAR as well as vulnerability management
  • dedicated vulnerability handling and collaboration tools (e.g., integration with ServiceDesk)
  • automatic enrichment of incident data with information about current vulnerabilities

SecureVisio addresses one of the most difficult problems in vulnerability management: what should you do if a patch for a critical vulnerability cannot be installed? How long can the organization take the risk? In these cases, we can use IPS or WAF to deploy virtual patches that make it difficult for cybercriminals to exploit potential vulnerabilities. SecureVisio uses the Network Map to visualize all possible attack vectors; based on this information, you can quickly identify the appropriate safeguards, including virtual patches.


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