Legal compliance (NISD, GDPR)


SecureVisio helps ensure compliance with regulations that require organizations to continuously assess cybersecurity risks, i.e., the NISD and the GDPR. While this would traditionally require the implementation of an IT GRC solution, SecureVisio includes a risk estimation module with fully integrated incident and vulnerability management and e-documentation (CMDB) tools which automatically detect and report events requiring action under regulatory requirements (e.g., incidents involving personal data or critical systems).

SecureVisio provides unified threat and risk management tools for cybersecurity compliance, including:

  • automatic risk assessment (ISO/IEC 27005) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) based on e-documentation, current vulnerabilities, and detected threats
  • dashboards and reporting for IT staff, managers, and decision makers

SecureVisio includes a specialized Personal Data Protection (PDP) module that helps organizations comply with the requirements of the GDPR. PDP maintains registers of processing activities required by the GDPR, as well as registers of access, entrustments and information about trainings completed by employees.


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