Risk and cyber-crisis management

Ideally, IT security managers (CISO, CIO, SOC managers, etc.) should be immediately notified of new incidents and vulnerabilities that have the potential to cause significant business damage, such as new vulnerabilities in a financial databases or malware in SCADA operator workstations.

The main goal of IT security – to protect your business – is difficult to achieve, as most IT security solutions (SIEM, SOAR, vulnerability scanners, etc.) do not account for the business context of security events. To assess business impact, SecureVisio has implemented a risk management methodology based on the ISO/IEC 27005 standard.

SecureVisio introduces business context data and integrates with existing incident detection systems (SIEM, UEBA, NBAD), incident management systems (ticketing systems, SOAR), and vulnerability scanners. For IT security managers, SecureVisio functions as a comprehensive Cyber Crisis Management system.

The following features are particularly important in improving the effectiveness of IT security operations while reducing workload:

  • real-time business impact analysis (BIA), used to prioritize all security alerts and vulnerabilities – even when handling significant volumes. IT security managers can then focus on the most important events without missing incidents that could lead to significant losses.
  • SecureVisio automatically supplements the knowledge of IT security staff with the information required to understand the situation and make effective decisions, such as the potential costs of security breach, vulnerabilities in important assets, etc.

SecureVisio conducts threat modeling and attack simulations; based on the results, it visualizes all potential network paths where cybercriminals could attack the critical assets on the Network Map.