SecureVisio NextGen SIEM


SecureVisio NextGen SIEM is a next- generation Security Information and Event Management solution designed to meet modern cybersecurity requirements (NISD, GDPR), enabling effective detection of incidents and other threats.

Main features:

  • numerous detection methods – correlation rules (SIEM), user entity and behavior analysis (UEBA), Threat Intelligence
  • wide scope of analysis – SIEM analyzes security events (logs), current vulnerabilities, Threat Intelligence information, and estimated risks
  • deep integration with Sysmon to retrieve cybersecurity telemetry from endpoints
  • graphic parser editor – the predefined set of parsers can be extended with new parsers created with the help of the graphic editor
  • long-term event repository – specialized database for long-term storage and quick search of security events

SecureVisio offers the functionality of an eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) solution with incident detection and visibility of endpoints, networks and cloud environments and deep integration with Sysmon (collection and analysis of endpoint cybersecurity telemetry, predefined incident detection rules based on endpoint telemetry).


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