SecureVisio SOAR


SecureVisio SOAR is a specialized Security Orchestration, Automation and Response solution, automating incident management and response and improving other security management processes. SecureVisio SOAR provides for interactive incident handling and IT security planning. It combines business and technical security features, helping IT security staff carry out key tasks and maintain critical processes.

Mean features:

  • all tools in one place – one graphic console contains all the tools and information you need to understand and handle incidents
  • Improved organization – incident management processes (Workflow) are handled in stages, in accordance with applicable standards (including ISO/IEC 27035)
  • Integration of tools and data sources – Playbooks automatically launch tools and acquire data from external sources (including Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment)
  • Automate incident response – ready-to-use responses to various incident types, including removing cybercriminals from internal systems

SecureVisio SOAR helps organizations and SOCs in handle security incidents quickly and effectively, plan IT security operations in a cost-efficient manner, and ensure business resilience by focusing on business-critical processes and by designing and auditing technical security measures that are adequate for both business needs and legal requirements.


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