SecureVisio Personal Data Protection


SecureVisio Personal Data Protection enables effective management of personal data security in the organization while maintaining compliance with the GDPR. The Personal Data Protection (PDP) module maintains the personal data processing records required by the GDPR, as well as registers of access, entrustments, and employee training. The PDP module helps the Data Protection Officer ensure appropriate personal data protection in accordance with the GDPR.

Mean features:

  • simplified permissions for personal data processing
  • automated authorizations and self-approval of authorizations
  • comprehensive overview of the security of processed personal data
  • risk analysis functions allowing the PDP module to assess risk from the moment of implementing organizational and technical security measures throughout all personal data processing activities
  • continuous monitoring of threat levels, ensuring accountability with respect to the applied security measures

By correlating the information in the PDP module, we can understand exactly what happens to personal data (on what resources they are processed, what processes they relate to, what is the scope of the data, who was authorized to process the data, etc.). When a security incident occurs, we receive comprehensive information immediately and can apply the appropriate incident response scenarios.


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