SecureVisio Log Management


SecureVisio Log Management offers central security log management and e-documentation (CMDB) with Auto-Discovery. It provides many methods of reading logs – Syslog, e-mail, Windows Event Forwarding, as well as the ability to read logs from databases and flat files. The scalable database enables long-term storage of logs even in large corporations and SOCs.

SecureVisio Log Management with e-documentation extends the capabilities of incident management tools:

  • SIEM/UEBA and SOAR operations are enriched with information about current network and IT and OT systems 
  • SIEM correlation rules and UEBA models automatically adapt to changes in IT and OT environments based on electronic documentation
  • the incidents and vulnerabilities are automatically prioritized according to asset impact (i.e., business processes, sensitive information) based on electronic documentation

SecureVisio is unique in building and updating electronic network documentation  based on logs added to the Log Management database; these are supplemented with business context and used by other tools for more effective cybersecurity management.


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