Cyber-crisis management (BCP)


Thanks to its real-time risk estimation algorithms (business impact assessment for incidents and vulnerabilities), SecureVisio warns you of potential incidents and vulnerabilities that may cause significant damage to your organization, such as new vulnerabilities in financial databases and malware in SCADA operator workstations in industrial infrastructure. IT security managers are immediately notified of incidents, with all the tools they need for the decision making and incident response processes in one place.

SecureVisio predicts new emerging threats and risks, including:

  • calculation of business-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • real time metrics which allow you to predict emerging threats and proactively apply safeguards
  • compatibility with numerous Threat Intelligence sources, including commercial providers and several open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources

In crisis situations, SecureVisio keeps decision makers and IT systems managers informed and generates reports on compliance with legal requirements.


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